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London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent
Andy is enhanced DBS Checked with full Public Liability Insurance
Andy Boughtflower will amuse, amaze and astound, delighting and exciting children with his fabulous fast-paced magic. He can bring his magic show to all kinds of places; perfect for children's parties at home or in a hired venue, fantastic for family, corporate or company events. Schools, nurseries, outdoor events too, and everywhere from housing associations to libraries.
Magic suitable for all ages -

The Milk Jug of Doom - a jug of stinky smelly nasty horrible milk disappears, twice, using a lot of help from the audience.
The Whoops Machine -
hilarious magic using borrowed children's shoes and a misbehaving shoe box.
The Comeback Spider -
a giant card trick where the children turn pictures of vegetables one by one into pictures of spiders ... and of course Andy always jumps if he sees a picture of a spider!
The Kids' Revenge -
a magical fusion of cups and balls and Russian roulette where the children choose which of the cups Andy will pour over his head - will he get wet or not?
The Dog Did It -
either that or the postman is a werewolf. Andy manages to mend all the broken torn-up stuff by magic.
The Vanishing Bottle of Ketchup -
despite all odds, and with a lot of comedy by-play, it does eventually shrink and then completely vanishes.
The Clever-O-Meter -
who is really more clever - the children or Andy? (clue: it's not Andy!)
The Philosopher's Dream -
making coins, giant bogeys and enormous carrots appear endlessly from nowhere.
More Tea? -
Andy makes a cup of tea appear, by magic, in an child's shoe.
The Magic Balloon Competition -
where, despite all Andy's cheating, the child helper will always win.

New, coming soon in 2017:

Iron Man -
Andy "magnetizes" a child helper with very funny results.
The Stars and the Moon -
an enchanting giant comedy origami routine.
Stop Thief - an interactive story about a robber and a policeman where the policeman (a child helper) magicially finds and returns all the stolen valuables.
Magic shows for schools, pre-schools, kids clubs,
childrens parties and family events
Magic especially for older children -

As well as many routines from the top list above, Andy also performs -

Water Thru Body -
Andy pours water all the way through an imaginary magical hole in the middle of a child helper.
The Chip Chopper -
not just chips, this machine will chop anything.
Incredibly Impossibly -
a comedy mindreading routine where Andy reveals any word thought of from a book.
Signed Banknote to Orange -
Andy's very own variation where he eats the banknote first.
The Strongest Knot In The World -
a very visual comedy routine with a length of rope, a pair of scissors, and a volunteer to do the cutting.
The Dog Food Challenge -
a riotous routine with flowerpots, prizes and a nasty forfeit for the loser. Suffice to say the children win out and Andy  has to do the forfeit (now only performed on request!)
The Real Transported Rabbit -
actually the rabbit isn't real, it's a drawing by an audience member, but the transportation is truly spectacular.

Magic especially for younger children -

As well as many routines from the top list above, Andy also performs -

Who's Who at The Zoo -
friendly fun with pictures of colourful animals.
Pizzadigitation -
Andy attempts to turn a toy pizza into a real pizza with help from the audience and with hilarious results.
Rabbit Hutch
- with loads of help from the audience, a cute (toy) rabbit appears in an empty examined rabbit hutch.
The Cake Bake -
we make a super-sized magicial cake out of pretend ingredients - great fun for the younger ones.
Super fun puppet magic routines -
with Bobbin the Raccoon and Stinky The Bird who lays eggs in hats.

From these lists Andy carefully chooses magic for your show that he thinks would suit the age of the children and the criteria of your event. He can often theme his shows too, so please let us know if yours is a themed day or event.

Andy also entertains with close-up magic for kids, and he can entertain with magic both big and small for walkabout events too.