Fun magic shows for a family audience
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Andy Boughtflower is a professional magician available for fun comedy magic shows. His show is aimed at family audiences and he has performed in many fine establishments including The Barbican, 10 Downing Street, Royal Ascot, Butlins, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, London Zoo, The Foreign Office and in many private clubs and for many public events.

If he looks familiar, he is also sometimes known as Andy Hiccup.

A close-up of Surrey magician Andy holding an orange over a silver bucket. Andy smiles at the camera.
Magcian Andy Boughtflower stares aghast at his wrists which are shackled and restrained with old fashioned handcuffs
Magician Andy Boughtflower performs the mini zag illusion with a glamorous assistant
Magician Andy Boughtflower pours milk into a newspaper cone as a girl looks on
Magician Andy Boughtflower performing a street magic show at Butlins holiday camp

Family Magic Shows

Andy performs a mix of magic both old and new, mixing up new funny versions of classic routines with up-to-date innovative magic concepts keeping his shows thoroughly fresh and exciting throughout. His show is filled to the brim with lunacy, hilarity and visual comedy as well as being crammed full of impressive magic. There's tons of audience participation too.

Andy's magic shows are ideal for family and community events, company parties, social clubs, shopping centres, sports clubs, village halls, fetes and festivals and for promotional events too. You can either just have one show or the show can be repeated throughout the day.
A magician performs a magic show at a village street fair. We look down on him and his audience from above.
Two magicians, costumed as wizards, wave to the paparazzi outside 10 Downing Street. They are also children pictured enjoying their show.

Magician For Your Event

"You remind me of the old Crazy Gang" - Roy Hudd

Andy's magic shows are usually either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the type of event, but can be longer or shorter on request. He has a few different shows in his repertoire and he also performs street shows.

Andy is based in mid-Sussex, close to the Hundred Acre Wood, and is happy to perform shows in Sussex, Surrey, London, West Kent, and often further afield as well.
A tent at a festival where magicians are performing magic shows. We see the tent from outside looking in, and a large audience is present.
A poster lineup of magicians including Piff the Magic Dragon, David Weeks, Richard Pinner, Andy Boughtflower and Christian Lee.
A magician performs a family magic show outside at a festival

Magic Shows In Schools

Andy also performs magic shows in schools, either purely as entertainment or to tie in with books the children may be reading. "Small Change For Stuart" and "Leon and The Place Between" are currently popular books read in classrooms. He also has educational school shows, including a magic show about healthy eating, a show about being careful with resources called Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and an anti-bullying show is also in the works.
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Magician Andy Boughtflower smiles broadly with his arms full of magic props and items